Kancelaria Radcy Prawnego Anna Bufnal


Mediation is a way of resolving disputes between parties with concrete effects. A third party, the mediator who is neutral, assists the parties to negotiate a settlement. He supports the negotiations and relieves tensions to develop a solution satisfying both parties.

Mediation, which is out of court, give you the opportunity to talk about the problems and conflicts in a neutral or even friendly atmosphere. The mediator helps to tone down the emotions and go from dwelling on the past to plan for the future. The role of mediation is increasing every year due to the fact that the way to solve conflicts is much faster, cheaper than appear before the courts. It creates extensive opportunities to resolve the dispute, leading in each case to the satisfaction of both parties of conflict. In many situations, the occurrence of the courtroom require substantial costs and a lot of time. Our law firm offer conducts mediation which promotes faster troubleshooting.

Mediation in civil matters - case of: the payment, the abolition of ownership, inheritance, division of joint property, receivables from employment, neighborhood and communication conflicts and others.

Mediation in economic matters - case of: payment of duties, the performance of contracts, determining the amount of damages, claims shareholders, establishing reciprocal obligations under the contract of consortium - all matters of commercial law, in which it is possible to conclude a settlement.

Mediation in family matters - case of: divorce, welfare, education - child support, contact with child.